Adding Value To
The Mix Since 1946


Hunt Refining produces emulsion at the Tuscaloosa Refinery, Zenith Terminal and Lumberton Terminal located in Mississippi. As a full service refiner, Hunt has the resources and industry experience to create specialty products to customers’ unique specifications with decades of uncompromised quality and customer satisfaction.

Our ALDOT/MDOT approved emulsions are used on many county and state road projects. It is also widely used in the private sector. Our industry standard product line includes products well suited for most paving applications including chip seal, tack coat, prime, joint sealant and fog seal.

Emulsions products include: CSS-1, CSS-1H, CRS-2, CRS-2H, CRS-2P, CRS-1H, CMS-1HP, NTQS-1HL, AE-P, and NTSS-1HM.


Hunt continues to offer MC-70 cutback asphalt as a choice for prime coat. It is available at the Bainbridge, GA terminal.