Paving The Way

Laying The Foundation And Constructing Dreams

The story of Hunt Refining Company begins with H.L. Hunt and the creation of Hunt Oil Company in 1934. Ten years later, oil was discovered in the Gilbertown Field in Choctaw County, Alabama. This was the first discovery of oil in the area and another example where Hunt Oil Company continued the tradition of discovering oil in places where others never thought to look.

The following year, Hunt Oil Company began looking for a site to develop a refinery to process oil from the Gilbertown Field. The town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama was chosen for its proximity to road, rail and the Black Warrior River.

In 1946, the refinery began producing asphalt for central and west Alabama. The foundation was laid for Hunt Refining Company and has continued to the present day in the founders' spirit.

Adding Value To The Mix Since 1946

Proven Over Time

Hunt's Tuscaloosa facility was designed ON PURPOSE to refine and increase the quality of asphalt. We have been adding value to the mix for 75 years, providing asphalt to paving companies in Alabama and Mississippi.

By 1996 HRC had become one of the largest suppliers of refined petroleum products in the region. In 2003 Hunt Refining acquired Mississippi refining assets from Southland Oil Company which increased our refining capacity. In 2010, Hunt completed a three-year expansion project which further increased crude refining capacity. In 2017, we invested in upgrades to refine a broader slate of crudes to increase our flexibility to serve our customers.

Hunt Refining has remained steadfast in the refining industry by expanding the supply of oil products against a backdrop of a declining number of refineries in the United States. The men and women of Hunt Refining work hard and are committed to producing quality products for our customers.

Today, Hunt Refining has the capacity to produce approximately 90,000 barrels per day of crude between the Tuscaloosa and Sandersville refineries.

The Environment, Safety and Health to our People and the Public is a Top Priority!

Hunt Refining’s commitment to safety and the environment remains top priority in all initiatives we pursue therefore supporting and promoting the asphalt industry as an environmentally sustainable solution. Asphalt paved surfaces and roofing shingles are 100% recyclable and both materials are reused in asphalt mix production.

Situated on the Black Warrior riverbank, we take great care to be good stewards of the community and our environment. We have remained ahead of the curve throughout the many years of progressing environmental regulations and have invested millions of dollars in assets to comply with increasing environmental standards to remain a viable oil refiner and asphalt producer for the region.

Core Values